Three countries to celebrate UNESCO year of the composer Moniuszko

Stanisław Moniuszko (source: Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa)

Preparations got underway to make 2019 year of Moniuszko celebrating the 200th anniversary of the famous Polish composer jointly with two other countries.

The celebration of Moniuszko year will next year all across Poland. UNESCO is to be a patron of the common anniversary of Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus.

The composer, who was born in 1819 composed the world-renowned opera "The Haunted Manor". Other famous operas he wrote include, The Raftsman, The Countess, and Verbum Nobile

The representative of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for Moniuszko’s year, Waldemar Dąbrowski, says that this project is to celebrate Moniuszko 's musical achievements and his life - Moniuszko was a deeply religious man who grew up in a patriotic family but was strangely never very popular

Moniuszko was born in 1819 in today’s Belarus into a noble family. Early on Moniuszko proved to have an extraordinary aptitude for music. He began to study music staging and classical works in Berlin at the same time.

After coming back to Poland about 1840 he focused on composing and produced his own collection of songs called "Songbook for Home use", which was gladly received by the Polish public.

In 1848 he performed his first opera Halka in Vilnius. It quickly became a success.

He died in 1872 of a heart attack and was buried in the prestigious Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw.