The lost art of the Polish Poster

The 1950s and the early 1960s marked the Golden Age of the Polish poster art.

The School of the Polish Poster flourished in the mid-1950s. At that time the film industry was controlled by the state.

In the 1960s, poster design became a well-recognized profession, attracting artists from different disciplines like print-making, illustration, sculpture, photography, and painting, all of which contributed to the art of the poster.

Under communism, posters were the only artistic expression allowed by the authorities.

Poster artists received complete artistic freedom and created interesting imagery inspired by the movies without actually showing them. Posters did not include star headshots, movie stills and sometimes even direct connection to the title.

In 1989 the introduction of a free market economy in Poland dramatically changed the role of posters. Posters as advertisements began replacing posters as art .

The trademark originality of Polish posters began to disappear.

The fall of Communism brought with it the end of the golden age of the Polish School of Posters.