Technology ‘interferes’ with lives of Poles: survey

Photo: Skitterphoto/CC0 License

Over half the respondents in a GfK Polonia survey believed new technologies interfered in our lives too much, 83 percent felt best out of the range of mobile telephony.

Thirty-two percent claimed they had too many apps on their smartphones, 33 percent admitted they occasionally went offline to rest from the internet.

Fifty-seven percent said the internet and new technology had a negative influence on human relations, 53 percent said “new technology” interfered too much in their lives. In addition, 53 percent considered “new technology” dangerous.

Seventy-five percent said they did not update their electronic devices for new models as soon as their current model was outdated, 36 percent declared to value devices they have been using for some time owing to their personal configuration.

GfK Polonia ran the survey in April on a random sample of Poles aged 21-50.