Resolution honoring Katyń massacre submitted to US Congress

Katyń memorial in Jersey City. Photo: FLickr/Tomek Z

Two Members of US Congress have submitted a resolution honoring the victims of the Katyń massacre.

Albio Sires and Marcy Kaptur called to recognize Katyń massacre memorials as important historical evidence of hideous acts committed on Stalin’s order. The resolution is to commemorate the death of over 22,000 Polish officers killed by Soviet Russians in forests near Katyń.

The project was initiated by Member of Congress Albio Sires, who represents the State of New Jersey, where in Jersey City, the Katyń memorial was to be removed. Eventually, after many diplomatic initiatives, an agreement was settled. The Katyń memorial will be moved by 60 meters and will be placed in an “equally prominent” localization.

Member of Congress Marcy Kaptur, the leader of the Polish caucus in the House of Representatives, supported the idea. “By seeking historical truth, we demonstrate that those lives were not in vain,” Kaptur said.

“Many Americans of Polish provenance were refugees because of WWII and persecutions induced by the Soviet Russian and Nazi German occupiers,” the resolution remarks.

The resolution indicates that Poland is a valuable ally of the US and that about 10 million Americans declare having Polish roots. It also underlines the important role Poles played in US history, recalling the Polish-American fighters for freedom, Tadeusz Kościuszko, and Kazimierz Pułaski.