Poland seeks new destinations for furniture

Poland is the fourth biggest exporter of furniture in the world. Photo: Pixabay

Polish furniture makers are looking for markets across the pond in an attempt to expand.

Poland is the fourth biggest exporter and the sixth top manufacturer of furniture in the world and it has to search for a far-reaching market if we want to develop, said Michał Strzelecki, from the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers.

Mr Strzelecki told the Polish PAP news agency that at present, Poland’s biggest export market is the European one, which is already becoming too small.

In order for the furniture business to grow, new markets must be found elsewhere. “We consider the US a far-reaching market,” Mr Strzelecki added. Poland still has some way to grow in order to catch the world leader: China.

According to Mr Strzelecki, the United States market is challenging not only from a logistics perspective, but also as far as local distribution. Customers are not willing to wait for five weeks to receive furniture they ordered, therefore the initial financial outlay to start operations in the US would be higher than in Europe.

Poland has a long history of furniture manufacturing and it has always been an important powerhouse of its economy. It is highly competitive and a largely export-driven business, whereas the domestic market is flooded with cheaper and low-quality products.

In 2017, the value of Poland’s furniture export exceeded EUR 8.02 bln according to Centrum Analiz Branżowych, a construction market research agency. This was a 9.1 percent increase compared to 2016.

In 2017, the largest outlet market was Germany whereas as much as 36 percent of Polish furniture was exported. It is followed by France, the UK, the Netherlands and the US.