Kraków synagogues open doors on Havdalah

Seven synagogues will be available for public viewing on Saturday night in Kraków, southern Poland.

During this year's eighth edition of the Night of the synagogues, Poles and tourists are invited to visit seven synagogues in historic Jewish Kazimierz district in Kraków, southern Poland.

In recent years, the Kazimierz district has become the city’s liveliest center of youth-oriented nightlife, with clubs, pubs, restaurants and cafes.

The 7@Nite – or the Night of the Synagogues, is a one-night mini-festival aimed at promoting Jewish awareness among the public.

Synagogues will host exhibitions, concerts, films and other events illustrating contemporary Jewish culture in Poland and around the world.

There is much to celebrate in 2018. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, the 10th anniversary of the creation of Jewish community Centre Kraków, the 50th anniversary of March events and 30 years of the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow.

Therefore, the leitmotif of this year's edition of 7@nite is “Jewish revival.”

At 9:45 pm CET the celebration of the end of the Sabbath – Havdalah, will begin. It will be led by women, active members of the Jewish community, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women's electoral rights in Poland.

The program at the synagogues will commence at 10 pm CET. Seven synagogues in Kraków will open their doors and present concerts, multimedia presentations, meetings, workshops, exhibitions and guided tours. All of them are located within a few blocks of each other.

The 7@Nite will begin on May 26 at 10 pm and end at 2 am CET.

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