Polish students reach for the stars

Polish Rover Team from southern Poland were victorious in the international Martian rover-building competition.

The Mars Society on Twitter

PCz Rover Team (Czestochowa University of Technology) won 1st place in the Mars Society's University Rover Challenge 2018 with 374.20 points. Another stellar year for Poland! Well done! #URC2018 #TheMarsSociety #MarsRover #Poland

Southern Poland’s Czestochowa University of Technology’s students PCz team won the the University Rover Challenge (URC) - after designing a vehicle which proved the best at probing Martian soil for samples, gather scattered tools, repair apparatus and traverse difficult terrain.

“This is not the first time that a PCz team makes it to the URC podium,” says the European Space Agency’s member Łukasz Wilczyński, a co-organizer of URC, adding that the team “came in third in 2017.”

The PCz students were not by far the only Polish team that took part in this year’s competition, as Kielce University of Technology’s representatives took third place and Lodz University of Technology’s Raptors team came fourth.

Remarkably, out of 36 teams from ten different countries, there were six Polish teams participating in this year’s edition.

URC is an annual, international competition for student-built Martian rovers organized by the Mars Society since 2007. The contest takes place in the heart of the Utah desert within the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) - a copy of a Martian base, where young scientists from around the globe may test their newest inventions.

Polish teams have participated in the event since 2011, when Magma2 rover, built by Bialystok University of Technology’s students, was victorious.