Polish police arrest intl drug smugglers

Officers of the Central Investigative Bureau (CBŚ) have apprehended five individuals suspected of cocaine, cannabis and MDMA trade, following a year-long investigation.

Poles arrested for trafficking drugs in Ireland

Poland’s Central Bureau of Investigation helped intercept nearly 80 kg of marijuana worth EUR 1.6 mln in Ireland.

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Nearly a year ago, Polish police learnt that a 44-year-old man embroiled in international drug trade checked in at a local hotel. Officers found 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of MDMA in his possession worth approximately PLN 250,000 (EUR 58,421).

“The man was charged with smuggling the drug out of Germany into Poland. All indications are, that he planned on circulating it in the province,” a CBŚ spokesperson has said.

It turned out that the man was a courier collaborating with a group trafficking drugs into Poland and the UK since 2016. According to estimates, the group might have smuggled 39 kg (86 lbs) of cocaine, MDMA and cannabis worth around PLN 1.7 mln (EUR 397,300).

The courier led the officers to the gang. In January 2018, a 36-year-old man, suspected of being the group’s fixer, was arrested on charges of “leading a criminal group.”

In terms of combating international drug trade, Polish police scored a huge victory in April 2018 teaming up with its Irish counterpart to intercept nearly 80 kg (176 lbs) of marijuana worth EUR 1.6 mln in Ireland.

According to Polish law, individuals engaged in international drug trade may be penalized with at least three years behind bars.