Roman Kłosowski, familiar TV and stage actor, dies at 89

Roman Kłosowski died in a retirement home near Łódź in central Poland at the age of 89. Photo: PAP/Lech Muszyński

Roman Kłosowski, was a busy actor who made his debut on stage in 1953. From 1955 he worked for the Dramatic Theater in Warsaw and between 1976 and 1981 he was the director of Powszechny Theater in Łódź, central Poland.

In a career of some 60 years, Mr. Kłosowski played scores of roles, mostly of the comedy-actor character. He was best known from a Polish television comedy "Being Forty" broadcasted in Poland and abroad between 1974-77. In 1971 he appeared in the Polish superhero comedy film, Hydrozagadka, portraying the Maharaja of Kabur.

Mr Kłosowski was also an accomplished stage actor. He is warmly remembered by his coworkers and mentees.

“I started at the Syren theater some 25 years ago and I must say that he was one of a few people who welcomed me very warmly,” said one of Mr Kłosowski coworkers, Beata Jankowska-Tzimas, and added that “He was a lovely person”.

Marian Opania, Mr Kłosowski’s friend and an equally accomplished Polish actor recalls that “ He never overdid it. It sufficed that he spoke calmly and looked a certain way, and salves of laughter followed”.

Mr Kłosowski also tackled more serious roles. In 1956 he starred in a Palme d’Or nominated Shadow (Cień) which was a Rashōmon-like investigation into the life of a man found dead after having been hurled from a train. The 1964 film The First Day of Freedom in which Mr Kłosowski starred along Polish cinema finest cast, Tadeusz Łomnicki, and Beata Tyszkiewicz, was also nominated in The Cannes Film Festival the following year.

Roman Kłosowski was born on February 14, 1929, in Biała Podlaska. He graduated from The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw in 1953. From the early 1980’s he worked at the Syrena Theatre in Warsaw.

Mr. Kłosowski continued to work into his 80s, and one of his last film appearance was in “Before Twilight” (2008), a bittersweet comic drama by Jacek Bławut that takes a closer look at an old age- This is primarily a look at old age - distressing, but at the same time poignant.

Mr. Kłosowski received numerous awards for his contribution to the arts in Poland, including the Order of Polonia Restituta.