Permanent American bases in Poland important for Polish security: MoD

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said in the interview that Poland is “striving for” permanent American military bases on Polish soil.

“This matter is important for the security of Poland, Polish citizens and international security,” the minister said in an interview with Polish Radio.

Minister Błaszczak explained that the Polish government is trying to keep the country’s relations with its NATO allies as tight as possible. “The result of that is the presence of Polish soldiers in Lithuania and Romania and the stationing of American, British, Croatian and Romanian troops in Poland,” the minister said.

US military expert: Don’t put US bases in Poland

A former commander of the US Army Europe General Frederick Benjamin “Ben” Hodges has voiced his opposition to Polish government plans to create a...

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American General against the base in Poland

Recently, former commander of the US Army Europe General Frederick Benjamin “Ben” Hodges voiced his skepticism about Polish government plans to create a permanent US Army base.

In an article for American journal Politico, General Hodges vehemently disagreed with a recent Polish government plan to invest USD 2 bln (EUR 1.72 billion) to deploy a permanent US armored division on its soil.

“What makes NATO the most successful military alliance in history is the cohesion of its members. Any policy that risks undermining that should be examined with a highly critical eye. Establishing a permanent U.S. military presence in Poland ... is exactly one of those cases,” General Hodges wrote.

He does concede, however, that Warsaw’s proposal for a permanent base is not without reasonable grounding. “Eastern allies believe that the presence of U.S. forces would significantly increase the deterrent effect because they believe that Russia would never attack and risk a kinetic confrontation with U.S. forces,” he wrote.

As a solution to the problem of creating a sufficient strategic deterrent against eventual Russian aggression that would not strain “the cohesion of the alliance”, General Hodges proposes the expansion of the current rotational forces from Estonia down to Bulgaria as well as in Ukraine and Georgia. "What’s really needed in these countries are logisticians, air and missile defenders, and military police, as well as intelligence and communications experts," the General concluded.