Back-to-school bonus: PLN 300 for every school child

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Polish government announced new PLN 300 (EUR 70) bonus for all children involved in the education system.

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According to the ordinance signed by Prime Minister in early June, every child studying in Poland will be entitled to PLN 300 (EUR 70.0) towards expenses related to the beginning of the school year from the program “Good Start”.

Polish Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy Elżbieta Rafalska explained on Monday in an interview with a public radio broadcaster that the bonus will be available for school children until the age of 18, and for children with disabilities up to the age of 24. Children who are not disabled and are over 18, will receive the "Good Start" benefit if they continue their education at the school they started before the age of 18, but not beyond the age of 20.

Minister Rafalska also told Polish Press Agency that parents or carers will receive this bonus by the end of September, if they apply for it in July and August. The applications will be accepted until the end of November. They will be available to be submitted online from the beginning of July and personally from the beginning of August.

Anna Zalewska, the Polish Education Minister said on Wednesday that “education is one of the most important elements of the governmental Strategy of Balanced Development”. “Investments in education translate into country’s economic development,” she said.

Minister Zalewska also denied that money would not be granted to children from orphanages

Government plans to spend on "Good Start" program PLN 1.44 billion (EUR 340 million) per year, and at PLN 16 billion (EUR 3.76 billion) over the next ten years.

Critics of the scheme say that it should be means tested, as it is unfair that richer families receive such a subsidy. However the Mr Zalewska has said that means testing is expensive and would delay the whole process.