Accelerators to help Polish startups

The president of Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Patrycja Klarecka (L) and Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology Jadwiga Emilewicz (R). Photo:

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) announced a contest for accelerators to develop products of 400 startups in cooperation with small and medium companies.

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The budget of the program is PLN 120 million (EUR 28 million). Each of the accelerators will have PLN 10-15 million (EUR 2.3-3.5 million) in its disposal. A startup may receive up to PLN 250,000 (EUR 58,404).

The accelerators chosen in the contest will provide grants to start-ups and supply them with business mentors and technological experts. Moreover, they will guarantee startups the access to the infrastructure of medium and big companies, which will be receivers of accelerated technologies.

“After the pilot program, which was a success, we are bravely going further with supporting Polish innovative companies,” Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology Jadwiga Emilewicz said. “The role of the state is to ensure everyone a possibility to have a good start in business and help in development and expansion on foreign markets,” the minister added.

The pilot program called ScaleUp lasted for 15 months, from the beginning of 2017 to the end of April 2018. Minister Emilewicz underlined that government wants to support even 400 startups.

Patrycja Klarecka, the president of PARP said that the Agency used the experience from the ScaleUp program during the process of designing the next edition of the accelerator program. “Success of this program is the effect of well identified needs of both startups and big companies,” she said. “In the next edition we want each accelerator to work with three technologies receivers, including medium-sized companies,” Ms Klarecka stressed.

The main goal of the accelerator is to lead startups up to the pilot introductions, which are possibilities to test each solution and its key functions in environment akin to economic reality of big companies.

New ScaleUp involves the participation of startups from such areas as fintech, pharmaceutical biotechnology, bio-economy, cyber security, smart city, industrial internet, microelectronics, intelligent plastics, artificial intelligence and space technologies.