Police seizes toxic cargo from abroad

Poland is struggling with fires at garbage dumps and landfills. Photo: PAP/Artur Reszko

The police in Opole, southern Poland intercepted a truck illegally transporting municipal waste from Germany.

Polish govt to tackle ‘rubbish mafia’

The Polish government has announced it will investigate a number of fires at garbage dumps which have released dangerous chemicals into the...

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According to Inspectorate of Road Transport (ITD) in Opole, the transport was to reach an illegal landfill in Dąbrowa Niemodlińska near Opole.

The cargo was seized a few days ago by a police patrol. During the documentary check it turned out that instead of plastic the tractor was carrying 54 packs of compressed municipal waste from Germany.

Anna Łysy , the deputy of Regional Road Transport Inspector, informed that administrative proceedings have been initiated against the carrier. ITD says that wastes were to reach illegal landfill near Opole, where containers with around 50,000 liters of toxic substances have been found last Thursday.

The owner of a landfill, a 35-year-old man, was charged with storing substances that might pose a threat to human life and health. He is to spend 60 days in pre-trial custody.

Police officers suspect that the case is of an evolving nature.

Garbage crisis

Tonnes of garbage is brought into Poland from the West due to rigorous laws in countries such as Germany and Austria related to the dumping of waste. The practice has turned into a lucrative business for some in Poland, leading the government to suspect rival gangs are starting the fires at their competitors’ sites.

The police are investigating possible connections between the numerous combustions that have occurred around the country in recent days.