Confidential: Trump-Kim summit might have happened in Warsaw

According to the documents, the Polish MFA made extra effort to host the Trump-Kim meeting in Warsaw. Photo: Images AsiaPac

Polish newsletter Onet has allegedly acquired a document proving that Poland put an extra effort in convincing the US to have the historic Trump-Kim summit in Warsaw.

“Given signals sent by our diplomatic posts concerning the possibility of Poland becoming one of the candidates to host the summit and, accordingly, President Donald Trump’s favorable regard towards this proposition, chances as to the localization of this important international event in Poland exist,” wrote the Polish MFA political director Cyryl Kozaczewski in the document.

Have Trump and Kim met in Poland, the ruling party would have recorded a notable success that would overshadow frictions within relations with the EU and US.

“A decisive note regarding the attempt at organizing the meeting in Warsaw” was composed in the Polish MFA in the end of March 2018. According to Onet, the Polish Ambassador to the US Piotr Wilczek talked with the US Department of State about the plausibility of having Trump-Kim encounter in Warsaw.

However, according to Onet, shortly after the note was put down, Washington has made it clear to Warsaw that the summit would take place elsewhere. Supposingly, there were two factors that upset Poland’s applecart.

Firstly, Washington was unhappy with Polish government’s inability to maintain discretion and keep the topic clear of press leaks and out of the public eye.

Secondly, Onet’s informers point to the unsolved issue of the Institute of National Remembrance’s (IPN) act that penalizes the ascription of crimes committed by the Third German Reich to the Polish nation and the Polish state.

According to the confidential document, the Polish MFA tried to bypass these roadblocks by highlighting the fact that Trump’s second visit to Poland would allow him to feature as one “concerned with strengthening the NATO security and the stability of this part of the world.”

Had the meeting taken place in Warsaw, Polish President Andrzej Duda would become the master of ceremony as his Singaporean counterpart did. However, the president’s close associate said that “we are not disappointed, because we deemed it unrealistic at the outset,” adding that “the MFA was overly optimistic.”