More and more Poles shop with smartphones: survey

According to a consultancy firm report, 17 percent Poles make purchases through smartphones at least once a week. Photo:

More and more Poles are using mobile devices to shop, with 17 percent of them making purchases through smartphones at least once a week and seven percent every day, according to a report by the consultancy firm PwC.

The 36-page report, titled “Poles shopping: Five pillars of modern trade,” says that the online shopping market is growing dynamically.

In 2018, it is expected to be worth PLN 45 billion (EUR 10.53 billion) and could surpass PLN 60 (EUR 14.02 billion) by 2020.

Digital transformation “has changed shopping habits, distance has lost importance, loyalty towards brands has diminished,” Krzysztof Badowski, partner at PwC, was quoted as saying.

Online shopping accounts for about five percent of Poland’s total shopping market, but in the near future its share is set to move towards the global average of 10 percent, the report pointed out.

As for the types of products bought online, Poles most frequently choose clothes and shoes − 79 percent bought them on the internet at least once in 2017.

Three quarters of Polish consumers bought cosmetics online in the same period, 73 percent purchased books, music, films and video games, 62 percent got furniture and household appliances, 61 percent bought computers and electronic goods and 47 percent purchased food products, PwC reported.

Meanwhile a recent report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said that by 2019 mobile payments will overtake credit cards.

In 2014, 51 percent of payments in developed countries were made with credit cards. However, that number is expected to dip to 46 percent in 2019 as advances in technology will make it easier for people to pay for things with their phones. This won't apply to developing nations, where cash is still the preferred choice, reported the UNCTAD.