Strawberries ‘healthier than chips’ for match

A dietician has suggested Poles eat fruit and berries while watching World Cup matches, during a seasonal produce boom.

Football: Poland plays first World Cup match since 2006

At 5 PM CET at Spartak Stadium in Moscow, the Polish national soccer team will face Senegal, its first opponent on the FIFA World Cup 2018 in...

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On Tuesday afternoon, the Polish national soccer team faces Senegal during the FIFA World Cup. Millions of Poles will sit down in front of their screens to see how Poland performs in Russia.

A dietician from the National Food and Nutrition Institute suggests choosing strawberries or cherries instead of chips as the snack of choice for watching the game. She added that products such as chips contain a lot of fat and salt.

“Such a diet is definitely unhealthy,” the dietician said, suggesting eating fruit also because such red fruits are currently in season.

She also discouraged Poles from drinking excessive amounts of beer. Apart from the alcohol, she pointed out to the calories – a gram of alcohol has a higher energy content than the same amount of sugar. “Besides, beer also contains sugar,” the dietician said. “It may be hard to lose weight after the World Cup,” she said.

Soft fruit market problems

Poland is one of the biggest European producers of soft fruit – which includes raspberries, cherries, gooseberries and currants. Currently, Polish producers are protesting against low wholesale prices. Farmers say that the prices they are offered for their products are below the production costs and have demanded authorities intervene.

On Monday some farmers ceased picking up fruit as a form of protest. They want to force processing plants to increase prices and government to prepare a new contract bill.

Low prices has also had a bad influence on season workers, who started looking for another kind of job. Ukrainian workers – who annually travel to Poland to work the local fields – have increasingly been choosing to work on construction sites, while Poles tend to go to work abroad.