US needs military base in Poland: expert

In short, you have everything what is needed to survive first strike” – Prof. Deni said. Photo:

In an interview with Polish weekly “Wprost” former American consultant specializing in national security for the U.S. Departments of Defense, Energy, and State said that a military base in Poland would significantly strengthen American home security.

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“In my personal opinion such base would significantly increase the level of security, not only of Poland but of the whole NATO” – Prof. Deni said.

Prof. John R.Deni referred to a long-disputed issue of enforcing the Eastern flank of NATO with a permanent military base in Poland.

As for now, the vast majority of US permanent military bases are located in Western Europe, mainly in Germany and it is Angela Merkel’s government that has been the most vocal critic of setting-up similar bases on the territory of Germany’s Eastern neighbours.

Quite naturally, Russian officials criticize such plans. In late May Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it was every country’s sovereign right to take such decisions, but that it would harm the overall atmosphere on the continent.“When we see the gradual expansion of NATO military structures towards our borders..., this of course in no way creates security and stability on the continent,” Peskov said.

Earlier in June, in an article published in American journal Politico, former commander of the US Army in Europe General Frederick Benjamin “Ben” Hodges has voiced his opposition to Polish government plans to create a permanent US Army base. He has called the establishment of a permanent US base anywhere in Eastern or Central Europe “unnecessarily provocative”.

John R.Deni, asked about this article, disagreed with general Hodges saying that the move would be beneficial for the three reasons: “lower costs, positive effects on morale of soldiers and their families as well as certain political and military advantages.”

“This would be a clear signal for Russians” – Prof. Deni said.

He also underlined that Poland’s location is the best possible option for US permanent military presence in this part of Europe.

“You have not only vast training ranges but also plenty of strategic space in between a possible frontline and important cities, industrial areas as well as supply routes from Western Europe. In short, you have everything what is needed to survive first strike” – Prof. Deni said.

Referring to the Polish government plans revealed in May to invest up to USD 2 bln in the facilities for the permanent US military base, the expert said that it seems sufficient for an armoured brigade on condition that the money would be used for adjusting and refreshing already existing military facilities. Completion of an entirely new military base would involve however a larger sum.

Kay Bailey Hutchison, the US representative at NATO, referred to the idea of a permanent US military base in Poland during a news conference in Brussels in early June, saying that for the time being such a project was not on the table.