DM praises achievements of women in Polish Armed Forces

The Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak stressed the importance of adequate legal regulations and the development of an efficient mechanism for monitoring the conditions of women on service.

The Polish Defense Minister met with the Women’s Council members to thank them for their “endeavor and the current Council’s results,” and asked for “the work to be continued.”

In March 2018, Mr Błaszczak decided to make the head of Women’s Council his direct subordinate, to review regulations and procedures related to women’s army service and also to appoint women’s representatives in army units.

Now, thanks to the changes that have been introduced, women assigned to army units indicate their representative, who operates as an intermediary between the soldiers and the Women’s Council.

In the case of a violation of interpersonal relations in which a female soldier is one of the parties, the representative is obliged to immediately inform the Council, so that the body is available to review the reported case.

The Women’s Council

The female soldiers’ representative body in the Ministry of Defense is the Women’s Council. Its tasks are to present the Ministry with opinions and analysis in the range of women’s army service and providing help in pertinent matters.

The Council is elected democratically by women serving in the Polish Armed Forces and it consists of the Defense Ministry, the General Command of the Armed Forces, and Military Gendarmerie representatives.

Women in the Polish Army

There are 5,829 female soldiers in the Polish Army, what constitutes nearly six percent of all professional soldiers in service. The number of women deciding to don an army uniform is on a systematic rise, with the current ranks representing an increase of over 850 individuals since 2017.

Over 3,400 female soldiers serve in the privates corps, 900 are non-commissioned officers and over 1,500 female soldiers have earned an officer’s rank. There are currently over female soldiers 2,000 in land forces, 800 in the air force and over 400 in the navy.

Around 1,000 female soldiers serve in the General Staff, nearly 500 are team, platoon, company, medical evacuation units or the commanders of other formations.