21st century: all documents soon in your smartphone


Poland’s Parliament approves a bill allowing an app to replace paper documents and provide official e-services via your smartphone.

The new government app will enable Polish citizens and foreigners living in Poland to sort out administrative matters without being obliged to visit public institutions.

Users will be provided with one safe account which will be thoroughly verified by the government. It will be possible to take care of issues such as applying for a new ID card, reporting a birth, setting up businesses, tax settlements, and social security through the new app. This so-called “trusted profile” is already available, but does not yet provide all its necessary functions.

Instead of our ID card we can already use a virtual document. Other documents such as driver’s licenses and student’s cards will soon be available.

The app is an official method of identifying a given person by an institution, police, and even ticket inspectors.

In the future, identification via the app will also be possible in other EU member countries.

Commercial use of this identification method is also allowed. Banks and internet stores will be more certain of their clients’ identity.

While many administrative matters such as tax declarations can already be settled online, a common platform enabling people to sort out all public issues in one place is only now being set up.

The bill is now awaiting President Duda’s signature.