Two tons of illegal tobacco secured

Two tons of tobacco products were secured by the police. Photo: Policja/Tomasz ŻerańskiAC

The police intercepted two tons of unauthorized tobacco along with machines used for cigarette production in northeastern Poland.

Poland EU’s second-largest cigarette producer

Over 527 billion cigarettes were produced in the whole EU in 2016, with Poland being the second-largest producer in the bloc.

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Law enforcement also arrested three individuals - two men aged 47, and 56 and also a 25-year-old woman. Several thousand złoty were found on the woman. The arrested face five years behind bars. The National Treasury have incurred a loss of over PLN 2 mln due to the criminals’ activity.

An investigation is underway to discover whether other people were also involved in the illegal tobacco production.

These achievements came as a result of a raid on an illegal cigarette factory. The officers entered an estate and searched it thoroughly. As a consequence two tons of tobacco products were secured.

At the beginning of May 2018, the police seized 4.6 million cigarettes and nearly 400 kg (881.85 lbs) of tobacco in a raid in west-central Poland.

Poland is the EU’s second largest cigarette producer, with 99 billion cigarettes produced in 2016 – 19 percent of EU production.

In total there are around nine million regular smokers in Poland. The nicotine contained in tobacco is extremely addictive, and so it is worth taking advantage of professional help and pharmaceutical products when quitting.