State-run firms staff barred from local elections

People employed in high-level managerial and advisory positions in state-owned and local government companies will not be able to run as ruling party candidates in the local elections scheduled for autumn, party spokesperson Beata Mazurek said on Twitter on Wednesday.

During a Friday meeting of the Law and Justice (PiS) Political Committee, the leader of the party, Jarosław Kaczyński, announced that the body had decided employees of state-owned companies will not run at any level in local elections scheduled for the fall.

“A decision has been made, in line with our declarations,” Mr Kaczyński said.

“People should not become politicians for money. We respect those who work at state-controlled companies and fulfill their obligations properly, but these two functions cannot be combined,” Mr Kaczyński stressed.

The first round of local government elections may take place on one of three Sundays: October 21, October 28 or November 4 this year.