Polish company building energy-saving houses

A Polish company is using lightweight foam blocks filled with concrete to construct energy-saving houses suitable for both hot and cold climates.

Izodom 2000, based in the town of Zdunska Wola in central Poland, prepares the blocks, each of which weighs just a kilogram and can be easily put together in different configurations.

A team of four only needs five days to prepare the layout of a simple house, according to company vice president Jakub Wojcik.

Once the layout is complete, concrete is poured into the empty spaces in the blocks to form the shell of the building.

As well as being easy to assemble, the company says buildings constructed using this method are highly energy-efficient.

The blocks also have other special features says Mr Wojcik, as they are made of "the hardest styrofoam in the world" and are very durable and fire resistant.

Company president Andrzej Wojcik suggests that due to the level of insulation the building method provides, it could be used in buildings in climates as diverse as Siberia to the Middle East and Africa.

Izodom 2000 says 19,000 homes have so far been built around the world using its method.