President: fighting climate changes needs global consensus

Photo: SD-pictures/Pixabay/CC0

Polish President Andrzej Duda sent a letter to the participants of the “Social Pre_COP24” conference which started on Thursday in Katowice, southern Poland.

The conference is organized among others by the biggest trade unions in Poland: Solidarity, All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions and Forum of Trade Unions. The two-day event is an attempt to find common ground between unions and employers, just ahead the United Nations climate summit, COP24, which will be held in Katowice in December.

The letter from the President was read by his climate policy adviser Paweł Sałek.

The President said in the letter that “Poland has been taking an active part in the work on limiting carbon dioxide emissions from the very beginning.” “We are a signatory of the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement,” President Duda added.

In the opinion of the head of state, stopping climate change and the protection of the natural environment is of vital interest to the whole of humanity, and it requires joint and concordant effort from the international community.

The President also said that limiting global emissions of carbon dioxide and general climate protection should not be conducted at the expense of less developed countries and it should benefit all sides, including in terms of energy and food supplies as well as production.

“This is precisely why it should be based on consensus,” President Duda said, “to appeal to the sense of responsibility of all sides, but also to take into account the needs of sustainable development, while maintaining just competitiveness and making allowances for the economic and social needs of individual countries,” he added.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, known as COP24, will be held in Katowice on December 3-14. One of the major tasks of the event will be to work out and adopt a package of decisions ensuring the full implementation of the Paris Agreement, in accordance with the decisions adopted in Paris in 2015 (COP21) and in Marrakesh, Morocco, in 2016 (CMA1.1).

More information about COP24 can be found on its official website.