Thoroughbred Arabian horses to be auctioned on Sunday

Twelve thoroughbred Arabian mares will be put up for sale during this year's “Pride of Poland” auction at the Janów Podlaski stud farm in the eastern Polish Lubelskie province on Sunday.

The sale will be preceded by a riding display and concert.

A catalog posted on the “Pride of Poland” internet auction site presents 11 mares from stud farms in Janów Podlaski, Michałów and Białka, and one from a private breeder.

A show of all the horses offered for auction will be held at 2pm CET on Sunday in front of the Clock Stable (Stajnia Zegarowa) and the auction itself will start at 6pm.

The Pride of Poland auction has seen a decline in popularity and profits since the departure of the previous director in 2016 at the decision of the then Agriculture Minister Krzysztof Jurgiel.

In 2015 the auction saw the sale of 28 mares, of which one was sold for EUR 1.4 mln, the highest amount in the stable's history.

In 2016, only 15 from 31 mares were sold, the highest of which went for EUR 300,000. In 2017 barely six were successfully auctioned, with the largest price on offer being EUR 150,000, prompting a former agriculture minister to comment that in only two years “the best stable in Europe has been reduced to a county market.”