Baroque religious painting shown to the public

The painting is by Giovanni Battista Salvi. Photo: National Museum in Kraków

A 17th-century work “Our Lady in a Garland of Roses,” created by Italian painter Giovanni Battista Salvi, is being exhibited at the “Europeum” Centre for European Culture, a branch of the National Museum in Kraków (MNK).

The painting is on loan from the Warsaw monastery of the Nuns of the Visitation. On the occasion of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Poland also known as the feast of Our Lady of Herbs, the National Museum in Kraków has prepared a presentation of this unique painting as part of the series “The Miraculous Power of Art.”

It is not known how Battista’s painting came to be in Poland, however, in 1668 the painting was donated by King Jan Kazimierz and Ludwika Maria Gonzaga to the Warsaw monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary and has remained in its collection ever since that time.

Apart from this baroque work, visitors to the gallery can see three examples of medieval illuminated manuscripts from the collection of the Princes Czartoryski Library.

The series “The Miraculous Power of Art” was developed by the National Museum of Kraków in cooperation with the Heritage Board of Poland.

The project aims to present religious works with floral motifs at the museum. The exhibitions are accompanied by thematic lectures and workshops, including floristic ones. The painting will be displayed at “Europeum” until September 9.