Head of SPV for building central Polish airport named

The new airline hub will be one of the largest in Europe, ultimately having a capacity of 100 mln passengers per year. Photo: pexels/Tookapic

Jacek Bartosiak was appointed the head of the special purpose vehicle (SPV) responsible for building the Central Communication Port (CPK).

The decision will be officially announced during the Impact mobility rEVolution congress in Katowice, southern Poland.

“Jacek Bartosiak is a member of the government's advisory team for the Central Communication Port and has the necessary experience to manage the venture,” the deputy minister of infrastructure Mikołaj Wild said on Wednesday.

He stressed that Mr Bartosiak’s legal experience would be very useful since he is the founder and managing partner of a law firm that has advised the largest investment projects in Poland.

Jacek Bartosiak is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw and an expert at the Centre for the Analysis of the Jagiellonian Club.

Mr Bartosiak is an expert in grand strategy, modern warfare and national security. He has been a frequent contributor to print and broadcast media in Poland and internationally; and an advisor to parliamentary and presidential bodies on security matters. He is also a PhD at Polish Academy of Sciences on the US Air-Sea Battle Concept and its impact on the US & China geostrategies in the Western Pacific and Eurasia.

At the end of April, the Council of Ministers adopted a draft law on the CPK.

The new airline hub will be one of the largest in Europe, initially having a capacity of 45 mln passengers per year, and ultimately 100 mln passengers after expansion. It will be built by the end of 2027 in between the cities of Warsaw and Łódź.