Seven Supreme Court judges to retire

The building of Polish Supreme Court in Warsaw. Photo: Kamyq/Pixabay/CC0

Polish President Andrzej Duda submitted documents to the Supreme Court (SN) saying that seven judges have to retire, due to exceeding the age of 65 and not receiving the president’s approval to continue their work.

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“These are the documents signed by the President himself, without the countersignature of the Prime Minister. Only one judge, however, Stanisław Zabłocki, received the document. The other judges were not present at the court and they will receive them on Thursday,” a representative of SN press office told the Polish Press Agency.

He added that the judge Dariusz Zawistowski will run the work of the Court in the absence of the disputed head of the Supreme Court Małgorzata Gersdorf while she is away.

One of the presidential aides, Paweł Mucha said in an interview with Polish national radio that Ms Gersdorf is already a retired judge.

The spokesperson of the Supreme Court, judge Michał Laskowski, said earlier on Wednesday, that although judges “are sure about the defectiveness of the decision of sending judges to the retirement, they will have to follow it”.

“The judges whom this decision concerns will conduct the specified actions,” Mr Laskowski said. “Until the decision of the President is reversed, the bill is changed or there is a judgement from the EU Court of Justice, the decision of the head of the state has to be followed,” he added.