Polish Supreme Audit Office to appraise OECD

The building of the Supreme Audit Office in Warsaw. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Sfu

“The Supreme Audit Office [NIK] has just won the tender for the audit of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development [OECD], based in Paris,” the head of NIK Krzysztof Kwiatkowski said on Wednesday, adding that the activity of NIK is well respected abroad.

Mr Kwiatkowski referred to negative assessments of the parliamentary committee on state control. He asked for a separation of personal comments and political judgments from an evaluation of the daily work of all the controllers and employees and the Supreme Audit Office as a whole.

"The methodology of NIK and its staff make us a recognized controller abroad, as we are being chosen to audit institutions like the European Organisation for Nuclear Research and the Council of Europe," said the head of NIK.

Mr Kwiatkowski is a former MP and Justice Minister in the Civic Platform government led by Donald Tusk.

In mid-August, the district prosecutor’s office accused Krzysztof Kwiatkowski and the former Polish People’s Party (PSL) MP Jan Bury of abuses of power during the recruitment of senior staff. Both Mr Kwiatkowski and Mr Bury have pleaded not guilty to the charges made against them.

The President of NIK is elected by the Sejm for a six-year term. Mr Kwiatkowski ends his tenure on August 27, 2019. There are 1,600 auditors and employees in NIK.