Like an eagle: Pole performs ‘imposible’ BMX stunt

Dawid “Szamanek” Godziek carried off a nerve-racking quadruple “tailwhip” – a stunt never completed in history.

The trick boils down to rotating the bike four times while in mid-air, holding it by the handlebars. While performing the stunt, a cyclist needs to straighten his body so that his feet are removed from the pedals. To count the trick as completed, the cyclist must maintain his balance and remain seated on the bicycle after both wheels hit the ground.

Before completing the stunt, Mr Grodziek undertook three failed attempts. “I didn’t think that I could pull it off. Triple tailwhip was hard enough for me,” the cyclist told Polsat News following his successful jump.

Mr Godziek, born in the southern Polish village of Suszec, is one of the most appraised Polish BMX freestylers. According to Polsat News, Mr Godziek became a professional biker at the age of 12.

Although the stunt was performed very recently, the world already echoes with the Pole’s accomplishment.