US ambassador to focus on energy, investments, military cooperation

US ambassador Georgette Mosbacher (L) with Polish deputy prime minister and culture minister Piotr Gliński (R). Photo: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

The US ambassador, Georgette Mosbacher, who assumed office in the Polish capital in August, outlined her mission at a meeting in the ambassadorial residence on Friday, and said she will focus on Polish-American cooperation in the energy, military and investment fields.

At the event, the first female American ambassador to Warsaw made her first public speech since coming to Poland.

The meeting, attended by journalists from the Polish Radio and the private television channel TVN, was devoted to a new book about US ambassadors to the Polish capital.

Ms Mosbacher praised Poland for 26 years of uninterrupted growth − which is unprecedented in the region − as well as low inflation and low unemployment.

As the new diplomat pointed out, American firms were among the first to invest in Poland after the fall of communism, and have since injected USD 42 billion (EUR 36.03 billion) into the country, employing over 220,000 Polish people.

She noted this shows American businesses have confidence in Poland and said that it would be one of her aims to help this trend continue.

The American ambassador outlined the two other general priorities of her ambassadorial mission − helping build Poland’s energy security by boosting the country’s regional role and making it independent of Russian oil and gas, as well as furthering Polish-American military cooperation which already includes the presence of US forces in Poland, as a reflection of shared values.

The diplomat also pointed out the US is working closely with the Polish government and civil society to combat cyber-crime, and both sides have already prevented a hacking attack designed to steal billions of dollars, possibly originating in North Korea.