Fifteenth Gdańsk Festival kicks off in Vilnius

Performers at the sister Vilnius Festival in Gdańsk, northern Poland, last week. Photo:

The two-day 15th Gdańsk Festival, that will feature projects jointly prepared by Polish and Lithuanian artists, started in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius on Friday.

The sister Vilnius Festival took place in Gdańsk, northern Poland, last week.

“For 15 years this festival has presented great collaborations between artists of both countries,” Edita Tamošiūnaitė, deputy mayor of Vilnius, was reported as saying by the Polish press agency, PAP.

Ms Tamošiūnaitė underscored that Vilnius cooperates with many cities, including those in Poland, but “cooperation with Gdańsk is the most expressive and visible.”

Gdańsk city councillor Beata Wierzba, who presented her city at the festival, said: “cooperation with Vilnius, which has lasted 20 years, has a special place.”

“It’s about the exchange of experience, culture, familiarity with the country, but also the fact that so many Gdańsk residents have roots in Vilnius.”

Every year, the Gdańsk Festival in Vilnius and Vilnius Festival in Gdańsk show what is most important in the two cities’ cultures. There have been several dozen concerts, exhibitions, theatrical shows and film screenings, up until now. The festival also connects artists through common projects under the banner “Free Culture”.

This year’s festival in Vilnius was inaugurated with a concert by Polish rock musician Michał Jelonek and Lithuanian folk rock group Žalvarinis. The artists performed in central Vilnius.