Germany: Polish citizen stabbed to death by ‘southern-looking’ suspect

A Police manhunt with tracking dogs has been launched to search for the suspect. Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Staff

Twenty-year-old Krystian, who had been working for over a year in the city of Nemünster in northern Germany, was murdered on Sunday morning by what local police have described as a suspect with a “southern appearance”.

According to Cezary Gmyz, the Polish national broadcaster’s (TVP) Berlin correspondent, Krystian was returning home from a party when he was stabbed multiple times on a street, with the local police report stating that the altercation escalated from a “physical confrontation”. The reasons for the confrontation remain unknown, however. Although attempts were made to revive the victim, the Pole died shortly after being transported to a hospital.

In the official German police press release, the perpetrator is described as a 180 cm tall, around 30 years old with an athletic build, three-days-stubble wearing a light-grey hooded jacket, and is described as having a “southern appearance.”

Mr Gmyz explained that having a “southern appearance” is used by the German authorities as a by-word for describing people originating from Arabic countries, although no official information regarding the suspect’s nationality has been released.

A Police manhunt with tracking dogs has been launched to search for the suspect.

The German police released the report on Monday evening, waiting instead to inform the victim’s family before publishing all the information currently available.

“Our thoughts are with the loved ones of the murder victim. We will do everything possible to clarify this case,” reads the official German Police report.

Tokens of solidarity and compassion

Following the tragic event, flowers and candles appeared at the crime scene, put down by people of various ethnicities and nationalities. “The murder has shaken the city, which is inhabited by a number of Poles. The 20-year-old had a good repute,” said a source quoted by TVP.

Mr Gmyz also informed that the sad development triggered a right-winged initiative to organise a protest, however reports claim that only 60 people gathered following the murder.

This brings up the reminiscence of the August clashes in the German town of Chemnitz that unfolded between the pro- and anti-migration policy demonstrators. At that point, the Police barely managed to keep the two manifestations apart and at least six people were injured.

The right-wing anti-migration rally was carried out as an expression of solidarity with the family of a German national killed in a fight that ensued between him and an Iranian and Syrian man.