President appoints ten judges to Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Chamber

On Thursday President Andrzej Duda approved ten candidates and appointed them judges of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court (SN).

The new judges have already taken their official oaths before the president, and are the first to be officially appointed following the recent judicial overhaul..

At the end of June the President announced that there were 44 vacant positions in four chambers of the Supreme Court, to which over 200 candidates submitted their applications to the National Judiciary Council (KRS), the body responsible for recommending candidates.

In August, the KRS began interviewing candidates for the Supreme Court. Four panels chosen from the KRS judges were in charge of preparing proposals on the basis of which the list of candidates was prepared and sent to President Duda.

A total of 40 candidates for judges in the Civil, Criminal, Disciplinary, and Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs chambers of SN were recommended by KRS in late August. At the time, this left four vacancies remaining in the Disciplinary Chamber.

On Monday, the official list of 12 candidates recommended by the KRS for judges of the Disciplinary Chamber was sent to President Duda. Two of the proposals were rejected, and the remaining ten were appointed.

After President Duda’s decision, six places in the Disciplinary Chamber remain vacant, as do all of the available positions in the remaining chambers.

The Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court deals with disciplinary issues with regard to the legal profession as a whole and not only those involving Supreme Court judges.