Dutch court uncertain of Polish judicial independence

Photo: Pixabay, WilliamCho

Court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, halted the extradition process of a Polish citizen accused of drug trafficking. A statement has been issued to Polish judges asking about a guarantee of fair trial in Poland.


Spanish court demands answers on judicial independence

A court in Spain has sent a court in Rzeszów in south-eastern Poland a request for answers to four questions on judicial independence. The answers...

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According to the European Court of Justice’s verdict from July this year, before extraditing a suspect, the member states are obliged to assess guarantees of fair trial in the country to which suspect is to be released.

A European Arrest Warrant has been issued by courts in Poland concerning a Poles who is accused of drug trafficking. Recently, the man has been arrested in the Netherlands.

However, the Dutch court have put on hold the Pole’s extradition process. It expressed doubts over judicial independence in Poland.

Judges in Amsterdam had reservations whether “the recent reforms in Poland threaten the judiciary independence.” Therefore, the statement says, “fundamental rights to a free trial may be restricted.”

The Netherlands is not the only country which has expressed doubts over Polish judicial independence with regards to extradition. On Tuesday, a Spanish court has sent a request to a court in Rzeszów in south-eastern Poland to answer questions on judicial independence. In March, Irish judges have asked the ECJ to assess whether the extradition of Polish suspects would allow them to face a fair trial.