Lublin mayor bans first LGBT march citing security concerns

The mayor of Lublin has banned the first planned LGBT march and the counter-protests in the eastern Polish town citing security concerns.

“I was posed with a difficult decision, but in the face of a threat to the life and safety of the residents, I have no other option but to issue a ban on both gatherings,” said mayor Krzysztof Żuk, who is a member of the liberal opposition Civic Platform (PO) party.

The march was due to take place on October 13, a week before the elections for local government.

Regional governor, Przemysław Czarnek, appointed by the conservative ruling law and Justice (PiS) party, called on the mayor to cancel the event.

In a video posted on the internet, Mr Czarnek accused equality demonstrators of “deviance” and “perversion”.

Mr Czarnek said the march promotes “sexual behaviour incompatible with nature” and “pedophilia”.

According to the organisers, the march aimed at showing support for people who struggle with discrimination on a daily basis, including disabled people, refugees, ethnic and religious minorities and the LGBT community.

Poland will hold local elections on October 21 with a second round on November 4.