Election Eye: Latest poll sees PiS still ahead of opposition

Photo: PAP arch./Leszek Szymański

An opinion survey on support for the political parties in a general election by the IBRIS agency, taken for the daily “Rzeczpospolita”, shows the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) maintaining its lead over the Civic Coalition (Civic Platform and Modern Party).

The poll shows Law and Justice on 37 percent and the Civic Coalition on 30 percent. The figures for both are unchanged from last month’s poll.

The “Kukiz 15” movement comes third with 10 percent, a rise of three points on last month’s score. The only other two parties forecast to make it into Poland’s Parliament are the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) with seven percent and the Polish People’s Party (PSL) with five percent.

The figures show that, despite a very intensive and visible election campaign conducted in advance of Poland’s local government elections by both the ruling party and the main opposition coalition, support for both has remained stagnant.

Poland’s local government elections will take place on October 21. The IBRiS poll measures support for parties in a general election, therefore it does not reflect any support for the multitude of local independent candidates standing in the mayoral and municipal elections.

However, it may be a reasonable guide in terms of the provincial elections in the regions where party lists dominate.