Polish president appoints new judges to Supreme Court

Polish President Andrzej Duda has appointed 27 new judges to three chambers of the Supreme Court (SN), Paweł Mucha, the presidential aide has said.

Opinion: Judges appointed, ECJ bypassed

Polish President Andrzej Duda by appointing Supreme Court judges has acted in advance of any ECJ decisions and in spite of Polish Supreme Court...

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Nineteen new judges were appointed to the Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs Chambers, seven to Civil Chamber and one to the Penal Chamber.

Mr Mucha said that “President Andrzej Duda was guided by the public interest and the president's decision in this matter is constitutionally and legally binding”.

He added that the nominations are “the next phase of reforming Polish judiciary” and “restoring the trust to it.”

This is another act in the unfolding judicial reform saga in Poland. The President has acted decisively in favour of the personnel changes in the Supreme Court taking place, despite the EC’s decision to refer Poland’s Supreme Court legislation to the ECJ and the rulings by the SN and NSA attempting to suspend the appointments.