Doctors suspected of helping football hooligans detained

Three doctors have been detained by the officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation with reference to helping football hooligans to defer their ongoing trials.

The doctors were allegedly involved in this practice for several years. The detention was ordered by the Silesian prosecutors who have been working on dismantling the organized crime groups. As a result, five football hooligans were detained in addition to the doctors. The five hooligans have been charged with bribery, the production and placing over 70 kilograms of amphetamine on the market, and several other crimes.

According to reports, the doctors were paid between PLN 100 to PLN 500 for issuing false certificates, depending on the period of “infirmity of the ‘patient’”. Investigators have not revealed whether the corrupt doctors were treating their activity purely on a commercial basis, or were they fans of the same football club as their “patients”.

Hooligans or gangsters?

Already 69 people associated with football hooligans’ groups have been charged as a result of the investigation on the activity of hooligan gangs in southern Poland, mainly in Silesia, and in the Czech Republic.

“In fact, those football fans turned into real gangsters. They dealt with break-ins into companies and warehouses, as well as drug trafficking. Moreover, they were difficult to find because such groups are very very hermetic. But even among gangsters ‘repentant sinners’ could be found,” one of Silesian investigators said.

The gang of football hooligans was intensively active in years 2013-14 in southern Poland and in Ostrava in the Czech Republic.