Washington Gala celebrates Polish independence centenary

Mercedes Schlapp, the White House Director of Strategic Communications reading a letter from Donald Trump, the President of the US. Photo: Twitter.com/@Marekwalkuski

Politicians, diplomats and members of the Polish diaspora in the US took part in gala organised in Washington DC to celebrate this year’s centenary of Polish independence.

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Both the Polish and US national anthems were played at the event. The Polish diaspora’s folk band performed two traditional Polish dances, the polonaise and krakowiak. The participants of the gala also heard a concert of Frederic Chopin’s music.

Mercedes Schlapp, the White House Director of Strategic Communications, read out a letter from the US head of state, saying that Donald Trump has great respect for Poles. “He loves Poland, values Polish attachment to sovereignty, independence and liberty. He wanted to express his support for Poland,” she added.

Two statues to celebrate the centenary of Polish independence were presented at the event. One was given to the former head of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Corey Lewandowski, who wished Poland a future without conflict and further fast development.

“You have made a great progress. People are not aware of what Poles had to deal with and where they are now. You are strong and valiant. I am proud to be a Polish American,” Mr Lewandowski said.

The second statue was given to General David Petraeus, former head of the CIA and the commander of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.