EU interferes excessively in internal affairs: V4 presidents

Presidents of the Visegrad Group states sit at the conference table during the V4 summit in Strbske Pleso, Slovakia. Photo: PAP/EPA/Zoltan Mathe

The presidents of the Visegrád Group (V4) countries agreed that EU institutions interfere excessively in the internal affairs of member states, the Polish Chief of Staff Krzysztof Szczerski told the Polish Press Agency on Thursday.

The Visegrád Group summit is being held on Thursday and Friday in Slovakia. It is attended by the presidents of all four members of the group: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Mr Szczerski stressed that as representatives of very pro-European societies, the heads of state of the Visegrád Group have the “right and duty" to talk about what they see as the shortcomings of contemporary European integration.

“One of those shortcomings, which they have all pointed out, is the excessive interference of European institutions in the internal politics of member states, following the example of Hungary and Poland,” Mr Szczerski said in reference to the ongoing rule of law disputes between Warsaw and Budapest and the EU.

According to the Chief of Staff, such interferences lie beyond the scope of arrangements mentioned in the Treaty of Lisbon and create a situation in which “the institutions themselves create their own competencies.”

“It is something that makes Europe lose its foundation. In the beginning, everything that happened in Europe happened with the agreement of the states, on behalf of the European nations and with respect for their political choices, with respect for their political opinions," Mr Szczerski added.

Mr Szczerski said that the V4 countries support Poland’s stance on the planned German-Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and that none of them is going to become involved in the project or benefit from it.