Pro-life activist sued for homophobic remark

Ms Godek is a co-founder of the pro-life Life and Family Foundation. Photo: PAP/Rafał Guz

Ms Godek is being sued by 16 people, including LGBT activists, lawyers and journalists after she referred to homosexuals as “deviants” during a TV program “Tak czy Nie” (Polish for: “Yes or No”) aired by a Polish private broadcaster Polsat News on May 30. According to the Irish press, Ireland’s PM may be called as one of the witnesses.

Ms Godek was commenting on the debate concerning the liberalisation of the abortion law in Ireland.

“If the prime minister of Ireland is openly gay and he brags about his weird orientation, then such a country should not be defined as a Catholic country.”, said Ms Godek, which immediately prompted a follow-up question from the host, asking her to clarify that remark. Ms Godek responded: “ He publicly displays his deviation”. She added that in her opinion homosexuals were perverts.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday by lesbian women and gay men, including LGBT rights activists and professors of law, who say they are injured parties.

According to the Irish Times the Taoiseach (the Irish Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar is to be named a witness in this case.

Speaking to, Jakub Urbanik, the initiator of the lawsuit said: “On the one hand, we are dealing here with defamation and an insult by Ms Godek. There are such cases in Polish jurisprudence, with different rulings, including the case of two men who obtained a lot of compensation from a neighbour who harassed them with contemptuous statements”.

He went on to say that “the second problem is a rather complicated legal problem, namely whether by such a statement, without a specific recipient, one can actually feel individually insulted. It seems to us, that in this respect, the case law of Polish courts shows that it is possible”, asserted Mr Urbanik.

The accusers’ demands include a televised apology on the Polsat news channel

Ms Godek is a co-founder of the Life and Family Foundation, a pro-life organisation advocating for the tightening of Poland’s abortion laws, which are already considered restrictive by some.