Call me Szymon: Monster catfish caught in southern Poland

Szymon Nowowiejski caught a giant catfish in Rybnicki Reservoir. Photo: Facebook/Szymon Nowowiejski

Szymon Nowowiejski of Tychy in southern Poland caught a catfish weighing more than 100kg and over 2.5m long during a fishing outing with his friends.

Reeling in the giant fish was not an easy feat. “We have special nets, reels and a scale”, said Mr Nowowiejski in a conversation with online news portal Wirtualna Polska. He also added that he and his friends took special care not to harm the fish: “Some people throw such a fish on the ground and wonder what to do with it. We took care of the fish as if it was a baby. We made sure we didn’t wipe off too much mucus while weighing the fish and we set it free after that.”

It took several minutes to reel in the fish. Mr Nowowiejski admits he was lucky that on this particular day he went fishing with a group of friends as he would not have been able to bring the fish to shore by himself.

The fish was caught at the Rybnicki Reservoir, which is famous for large fish. The nearby electric plant creates ideal conditions for fish as the water never freezes completely.

Rybnicki Reservoir covers an area of 4.5 sq. km and is located on the Ruda River near Rybnik in Silesia Province, southern Poland.