FM: Merkel plays important stabilising role in EU

Ms Merkel said on Monday she would not seek re-election as party chairwoman. Photo: PAP/EPA/HAYOUNG JEON

Poland’s Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz said on Monday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel plays an important role in stabilizing the European Union and expressed support for her to remain as chancellor.

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“We recognise her role in leading EU reforms, an important place in the history of the last dozen or more years, as a person who stabilises the situation,” said Mr Czaputowicz.

Ms Merkel said on Monday she would not seek re-election as party chairwoman and that her fourth term as chancellor would be her last, heralding the end of a 13-year era in which she has dominated European politics.

Mr Czaputowicz said Poland agrees with German policy in regards to Russia and “the necessity of maintaining EU sanctions against Russia after the aggression in Ukraine”.

Ms Merkel’s tone has hardened over the four years since Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, which led to Western nations imposing the sanctions on Moscow. However, Poland has consistently expressed strong opposition to the construction of the planned Russo-German Nord Stream 2 pipeline.