Police redouble effort for All Saints Day

Police annual All Saints Day operation begins on Wednesday. Photo: PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

Police begin their annual operation to provide additional security on Polish roads during All Saints Day that falls on Thursday.

Starting on Wednesday and lasting until Sunday, November 4, police will undertake a country-wide effort to assure that all travellers throughout the long weekend of All Saints Day get to their destination safely.

Millions of people travel around the country to visit the graves of loved ones in a tradition that dates back centuries. The weather conditions in late October in Poland – which could drop below freezing point in some areas of the country – make driving unsafe, especially at night.

Radosław Kobryś from the General Police Headquarters said that 5,000 officers, supported by other law enforcement formations, will participate in the operation throughout that time. Their main objective is maintaining traffic flow on crowded routes.

Their other tasks focus on, as usual, conducting breathalyser tests, speed checks, and other routine checks.

Appeal to the faith

“Do not kill – I want to live” is a joint effort of the Police and the Polish Episcopate to propagate safe driving during All Saints Day.

Organisers insist that priests do have an impact on the attitudes of the faithful. They argue that religious leaders can remind that driving under the influence and speeding endanger other people’s lives, such actions are therefore immoral.

Each year, All Saints Day is a tragic time on Polish roads, with dozens of casualties and hundreds of people injured.