No place for race-based violence in Poland; Police arrests suspects

During interrogation, the assailants confessed to the crime of racial-based violence. Photo: Policja

Four men aged between 20 and 22 suspected of assaulting three Hindu nationals and violating a Ukrainian national’s “bodily integrity” were arrested by the police.

The four men are suspected of committing a racial-based crime and may spend five years behind bars.

Around 9 pm on October 27, 2018, the three Hindu men were on their way back to their hostel rooms in the central Polish city of Łódź. It is then that they were “harassed by four intoxicated irascible men” nearby a grocery shop, the police website reads. The Hindu nationals were verbally abused and then beaten.

Alerted by cries in the middle of the night, a Ukrainian national came out of the hostel and tried to help the attacked men but was pushed away by the thugs. Another man, an accidental witness who decided to record the incident using his phone, was also physically violated.

Thanks to the investigation led by the Polish police that included analysis of CCTV footage and data gathered from witnesses, the suspected men were detained on November 5 and 6.

During interrogation, the assailants confessed to the crime and expressed their will to repent and apologise to their victims. The detained men already heard charges against them and, given a record of similar acts perpetrated by them in the past, they may face five years behind bars.