Govt wants Polish ships under national flag

The Polish maritime flag has a coat of arms on the top half. Photo: PAP/Adam Warżawa

The Catholic “Nasz Dziennik” daily reports that Polish government is working on regulations making sailing under the Polish flag more beneficial for ship operators.

Currently, the market is controlled by countries offering “cheap flags.” These include tax havens such as Liberia, Panama or the Bahamas.

These countries have for years offered maritime companies cheaper offers to register their ships there, in effect saving them money. These solutions allowed ship operators to decrease operational costs. In Europe, cheaper flags than Poland are offered by Malta and Cyprus, among other countries.

The Maritime Economy Ministry is working on regulations that would make sailing under the Polish flag more competitive. It will also allow state budget to gain funds from the activities of ship operators.

“Our priority is the return of Polish vessels to the Polish flag, which in economic aspect means to the Polish tax system,” Marek Gróbarczyk, the Maritime Economy minister told “Nasz Dziennik.”

He added that the draft of the new law is ready and the ministry wants to pass it through parliament next year. However, the minister stressed that “such solutions should be introduced responsibly.”