Sci-Fi Expo underway in Warsaw

The second edition of Masters and Robots Expo presenting cutting-edge technology began in Warsaw on Tuesday.

The conference features experts from all around the world that participate in lectures, discussion panels, and workshops.

The event constitutes an opportunity for the Polish technological business as well as aspiring start-ups to get involved with the market’s most influential and respected, learn from them, and present their own inventions.

Jowita Michalska, chair of the Digital University Foundation which organises the Expo, said that “the greatest problem for the Polish market is not the lack of funds or proper financial management but a lack of a high level of education. Our market is still not open enough for cooperation and for exchange of knowledge as well as talents.”

Among the Polish inventions presented at the conference are a camera for the visually impaired which creates an image perceived by touch rather than sight, and rescue drones designed to take urgent medical and survival supplies to extreme places under extreme conditions.

Experts say that in the next 20 years robots will have replaced humans in a third of industrial jobs, but they are keen to point out that there will always be place for a human touch.

“The world is changing so quickly that by not developing the knowledge we have we are putting our chance of survival at risk”, Ms Michalska said.

The Masters and Robots Expo is open between 13 and 15 November.