Border control to be reintroduced for climate conference

Photo: PAP/Marcin Bielecki

Polish border guards will conduct random security checks for three weeks, starting November 22.

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“Due to the UN Climate Change Conference organised in Poland between November 22 and December 16, security checks will be temporarily reintroduced to the borders with the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, and Slovakia [Polish Schengen borders]”, Joanna Konieczniak, spokesman of the regional unit of the border guard said on Friday.

She added that the decree has already been signed by the Minister of Interior, Joachim Brudziński.

Poland’s borders with Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia will continue to have the usual security control.

According to Ms Konieczniak, “checks will be conducted based on information gathered by border patrols with access to databases. They will be conducted at random, according to a risk analysis.”

She added that during that time, passports or identity cards will be required for all visitors coming to Poland.

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP24) will be held between December 3 and 16 in Katowice, southern Poland. According to the event’s official website, it is to be attended by 20,000 delegates from 190 countries.

It is to be the fourth time that a border control is reintroduced in Poland in the last decade, after EURO 2012, UN climate summit in 2013, as well as the NATO summit and the World Youth Days in 2016.