Mamed Khalidov retires from MMA

Mamed Khalidov. Photo: Bartłomiej Zborowski/PAP

Following his second loss to Tomasz Narkun at his fight on Saturday evening, Mamed Khalidov announced his intention to end his career.

Tomasz Narkun claimed a second win over Mamed Khalidov in the main event of KSW 46 on Saturday in Gliwice, southern Poland. After the fight, the Chechnya-born Pole Mamed Khalidov, a former Martial Arts Confrontation (KSW) middleweight and light heavyweight champion, announced his retirement.

“I have lost two fights in a row. It’s not a hasty decision. I don’t want to get into details, but it is my time to resign. I need a rest,” he said.

“I’ve got problems with my head, with concentration. Everything can be fine for six months and then a moment comes when it gets me, I don’t even know where I am. When I am in the cage, I can’t do a proper combination, I freeze. This is not me, not my timing, not my punches. It is very exhausting, because I don’t fight with my opponent, but with myself. I don’t want to look like a fool, so I need to finish this,” he explained.

After the fight, when he told the crowd about his decision, he received a long standing ovation.

Khalidov became an MMA legend in Poland and a star of KSW. He came to the county in 1997, just after First Chechen War, in which he lost part of his family. He successfully studied Management and Administration, meanwhile he worked as a club security guard and trained martial arts. He appeared to be very talented and soon he started professional career. He is considered by some to be the best fighter in KSW history.

Tomasz Narkun (16-2, 3 KO, 12 SUB) beat Mamed Khalidov (34-6-2, 13 KO, 17 SUB) on points by unanimous decision (2x 29:28, 30:27)