Major Georgian peak safe as never before thanks to Polish rescuers

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Rafał Kozubek

Thanks to Polish mountain rescuers, there were no fatalities during the summer season on the third largest peak in Georgia, Mount Kazbek, for the first time in the history of Georgia’s tourism.

Three years ago, a medical aid point which is open in the summer season was set up by Polish rescuers within the base at Mount Kazbek. Any rescue actions are carried out from this base.

“The Georgians do not have an organised medical service in the mountains, that is why our presence here is necessary,” Marcin Błoński from the “Medic Rescue Team” foundation said.

Mr Błoński, who is also a coordinator of the “Safe Kazbek” project stressed that most of the team’s interventions concerned people with altitude sickness, although there were some occasions when people’s lives were in danger.

“Were it not for our rescuers’ help, four situations could have resulted in death,” he added.

According to Mr Błoński, one of the main problems that Polish rescuers face is that Mount Kazbek is relatively easily available to tourists.

“There are a lot of people who lack experience, yet still they are coming to our base, for example, wearing sandals. It is proof that they can reach that point, but what can they do then?”

Polish citizens constitute nearly half of thousands of tourists who attempt to summit Mount Kazbek every year.